Welcome to JB Sash's New Marvin Window and Door Showroom - Chelsea, MA

The New Marvin Showroom

You've Never Experienced Window Shopping Like This

Windows and doors by Marvin have the power to transform a room and nowhere is that more evident than at our brand new Marvin Showroom. We wanted to create a whole new way to explore how windows can feel inside a home. As a result, this space offers seating areas where customers can discuss their vision of how a room will be used, how they want the light to fill the space and what kind of connection they want to make between their interior and the beauty outdoors.

"When you enter the space, it's a real 'wow' with beautiful installations of the products in every direction and a feeling of being both inside and outdoors." - Ron Bertolami, co-owner of JB Sash & Door

Rick and Ron Bertolami

So What's Inside? Let's Get Personal

Our one-of-a-kind showroom includes a Marvin Personalization Station. Here you can begin an exploration of the many ways windows and doors can be personalized to reflect your lifestyle. Just steps away, there are two freestanding rooms - referred to as "pavilions" - that are designed to reveal the actual installation of different "flavors" of windows and doors to inspire freethinking. With a visit to these pavilions, you'll never think of windows and doors the same way again.


JB Sash Showroom

The Marvin Pavilion

Visitors are treated to actual installations of five styles of windows including Marvin's iconic Corner Window.

"Here we offer a real example of how contemporary style versus traditional style is expressed through windows and doors."





Windows That Are Monster Truck Strong

In the Integrity Pavilion, you will be introduced to Ultrex, an innovation pioneered by Marvin that is called, "quite possibly the perfect building material." One square inch of this state-of-the-art material can support 34,000 pounds, more than the weight of two monster trucks. The Integrity Pavilion offers the opportunity to compare windows that are all-Ultrex with those that are striking wood on the interior and Ultrex on the exterior, protecting the outside finish where the weather impacts your windows most.



Not Replacement Windows,
Enhancement Windows

In the rear of the new showroom, there is a replacement window showcase that will inspire you to think about replacement windows in a whole new way. It's one thing to look at replacement window styles in a catalogue or online, but here you will see that replacing a window is not about simply swapping out what you have, but rather an opportunity to actually change the look and feel of your home. The many style and material options afforded by Marvin and Integrity replacement windows are really brought to life in our new showroom.


Replacement Windows

We Love Making Wishes Come True

For those keen on creating something truly different, the Marvin Signature Services samples in the new showroom will get your creative juices flowing. Here you'll see an imagination-tickling taste of windows that exemplify Marvin's determination to produce one-of-a-kind solutions for any window or glass door vision. When the art and engineering of Marvin's Signature Services are coupled with our in-house paint booth capabilities, the options are limitless. Intricate historic or custom millwork? No problem. Extraordinary expanses of glass? This team can make your vision a reality and this showroom can help expand your thinking about what is possible.

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